Course Overview
The Modern Data Stack

Stream Processing

Lesson #7

In this lesson we will:

  • Learn about batch processing;
  • Learn about stream processing;
  • Cover the difficulties in moving from a batch to a streaming model.

Batch Data Exchange

There are many situations where businesses need to move data from one location to another. For example:

  • Copying data from one application into another e.g. eCommerce into a fullfilment system
  • Copying data into a repository e.g. a Data Warehouse or a Data lake for later analysis
  • Copying data for a partner organisation e.g. Sending orders to a third party warehouse who will fulfil the order
  • Copying data into a location for backup, archive or audit purposes

Traditionally, businesses have done this using a batch model, whereby every hour, day or week, data.

From Batch To Streaming

Streaming technology involves moving data from source to destination as a continuous stream, typically immediately after it has been created.

By doing this, business can get instant visibility and response to situations much earlier.

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