We Build AI Enabled Businesses

We help businesses devploy advanced analytics and intelligent AI enabled applications that grow revenue, enhance customer experience and combat threats.

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Accelerate Your Adoption Of Machine Learning & Generative AI

We are an engineering led consultancy who help businesses extract value from their data - using it to grow revenue and combat threats such as financial crime, cyber crime and regulatory risk.

By deploying powerful cloud hosted analytics platforms and AI driven applications, we help our clients gain a real time view of their world, solve their most complex problems and gain an edge in competitive markets.

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Blending Cloud Data Engineering With Data Science

We are a team of expert data engineers, data scientists and software engineers who work with our clients to deploy advanced analytics, machine learning models and real-time applications infused with AI.

We work with regulated enterprise businesses, helping to modernise their approach to data whilst building the tools, platforms and applications that support their future ambitions.

About Us
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Data Engineering

Extract, transform and load your business data from source systems and databases into centralised data lakes and warehouses.

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Data Science

Analyse your data for insights and build machine learning capabilities that provide predictive real-time analytics.

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Software Engineering

Develop the apps, dashboards, reports and user experiences that enhance the customer experience and drive employees next best action.

Augment Your Decision Making With Intelligent AI Enabled Applications

Work with us to deploy greenfield or modernised AI driven applications that drive your employees next best action and enhance the customer experience.

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We help enterprise organisations deploy advanced data, analytics and AI enabled systems based on modern cloud-native technology.

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