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We Help enterprise organisations Deploy Advanced Analytics And AI Enabled Solutions

We are an engineering led professional services business that help our clients rapidly deploy real-time data, analytics and AI enabled systems.

The platforms we deploy unlock the insights that drive growth, increase efficiency, enhance customer experience and fight threats including financial crime and regulatory compliance.

We specialise in building modern cloud based analytics solutions, and have a particular focus on ClickHouse, the fastest analytical database in the market, which we combine with other tools to build end-to-end solutions.

A Simple and Collaborative Engagement Model

We partner with our customers to build and optionally manage their cloud based analytics systems, including rapid environment setup, data integration, and the development of bespoke dashboards, analytics and machine learning models.

Our services incorporate data engineering, data science and software engineering in order to deploy end to end analytics systems.

We work with both large regulated enterprise and fintech startups, who we help to quickly deploy powerful new capabilities whilst building a technology platform that supports their future ambitions.

We aim to be easy, agile and pragmatic to work with and deliver win-win partnerships with our clients.

Deep Expertise In Cloud Native Analytics Platforms

Many companies are looking to evolve from their slow, delayed, batch based, vanilla business intelligence towards faster and more sophisticated data platforms, whilst others are looking to move away from the high costs associated with cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery.

In this case, ClickHouse is a very compelling proposition - a fully managed SQL based warehouse with incredible performance, low total cost of ownership, and many differentiated features that support todays challenging real-time analytics and AI workloads.

At Ensemble, we have gone deep into the ClickHouse platform and built significant experience in using it to power advanced analytical use cases. We now bring this experience to the table with customers across many industries to help them build real-time reactive and intelligent businesses.

Read more about why we believe in ClickHouse Cloud.

End To End Cloud Data Solutions

We integrate cloud based modern data stack tools to deliver end-to-end solutions.


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We help enterprise organisations deploy advanced data, analytics and AI enabled systems based on modern cloud-native technology.

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