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Introduction To ClickHouse

Notable Features Of ClickHouse

Lesson #2

In this lesson we will:

  • Explain some of the notable features of ClickHouse.

Notable Features

Though there are a number of analytical databases and data warehouses available in the market, ClickHouse is differentiated in the following ways:

  • Performance - ClickHouse is known for it's high performance. If you need to query and aggregate large volumes of event based or time series data, ClickHouse will often be the fastest option available in both the open source and commercial markets;

  • Open Source - ClickHouse is open source, making it free to download, change and deploy;

  • Ease Of Deployment - ClickHouse is relatively easy to start with and manage. It is delivered as a single binary which can be started out of the box, configured easily and ran anywhere;

  • SQL Native - ClickHouse is fully based on ANSI SQL making it more familiar and easier to interact with through APIs and reporting tools. This is in contrast to other competing tools in this space such as Druid or Elastic which are primarily interacted with via a JSON HTTP API.

In short, we have a very powerful, fast, open source database which is easy to administer. It's easy to see why ClickHouse is growing in popularity as companies are looking to achieve more with their data and deploying more real-time analytical use cases.

Next Lesson:

Tradeoffs When Using ClickHouse

In this lesson we will discuss explain the tradeoffs and downsides of using ClickHouse and other OLAP datastores.

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