What We Do

Experts In Real-Time Analytics and AI

What We Do

Real-Time Data, Analytics and AI Applications

we help enterprise organisations design, build and run data, analytics and AI solutions. Our services include rapid environment setup, data integration, and the development of bespoke dashboards, analytics and machine leaerning models.

We offer a fully managed service that includes 24x7 support, predictable costs and a collaborative engagement model between our team and yours.

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Development Of BI, Analytics and AI/ML Models

Our team includes data analysts, data scientists and AI/ML engineers who can help you build the analytics that turn your business data into business value.

We cater for requirements ranging from vanilla business intelligence through to sophisticated data science led AI/ML solutions that incorporate proactive forecasting and situational detection.

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Data Engineering and Streaming Data

We help to extract, transform and load data from your data sources into ClickHouse, effectively deploying a real-time data warehouse that offers a joined up view of your business data.

Our approach is to use data engineering techniques and the modern data stack to deliver solutions which have low operational overhead and deliver data with high quality and reliability.

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Big Data and Real-Time Workloads

We deploy data platforms that meet stringent requirements for big data, low latency and complexity of analytics. We are experts in streaming data and stream processing to extract value from data as soon as it is generated.

Our systems support operational analytics which can inform your employees of their next best action, and user facing analytics which can be incorporated into your product experiences.

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Real-Time Application Development With EnsembleJS

Dashboards are too slow and inflexible. With this in mind, we created and build applications with EnsembleJS, a React based development framework for building web and mobile applications centered around real-time analytics.

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Our Services

We offer an end-to-end service for the build and run of ClickHouse and real-time analytics:


Deployment and administration of your ClickHouse Cloud based platform.

Data Engineering

Data integration and transformations from source systems using batch or streaming techniques.


Developing sophisticated analytics and data science models that exploit the unique power of ClickHouse Cloud.


Development of powerful analytical applications that get data science out of the lab.

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