Course Overview
Streaming Data and Stream Processing

Building A Stream Processing Platform

Lesson #10

In this lesson we will:

  • Common patterns in stream processing platforms;
  • Considerations in build vs buy.

Building A Streaming Data Platform

Over the coming years, many businesses are going to be building real-time streaming data platforms in order to deliver against their business objectives.

Components Of A Streaming Platform

Most of the streaming data platforms that businesses will deploy will follow a similar pattern and use very similar technologies:

  • Some mechanism for extracting data from source websites and applications, and turning this data into a stream timestamped events;
  • Some streaming data engine, which will usually be Kafka or occasionally a cloud-managed service such as Kinesis;
  • A stream processing component, such as Kafka Streams, Flink or Spark Streams to pre-process, analyse and aggregate the streaming data;
  • A data lake or warehouse to store the post-processed data and make it available for consumption;
  • Various means of accessing and analysing the data, including notebooks, application APIs and reporting front-ends in ways more optimised for real time streaming event based data.
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