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Integrating ClickHouse With Other Tools

Integrating ClickHouse With Other Data Tools

Lesson #1

In this lesson we will:

  • Learn why we need to integrate ClickHouse with other tools.


In order to build a data and analytics platform, we will need more than just a central database. The obvious capabilities that we will require include:

  • Reporting and dashboarding tools for presenting information in an easily accessible format;
  • Tools for loading data into the database;
  • Orchestration tools for managing and monitoring automated jobs;
  • Transformation tools for organising and cleaning data either before or after it is loaded into the database;
  • Data quality and observability tools for monitoring the state of data within your database.

As such, we will likely need to choose tools and combine them into a stack in order to build the end-to-end solution.


Even though ClickHouse doesn't have the brand recognition of database such as MySQL and Snowflake, a surprising amount of tools in all of the above categories do have native support for it.

Even where ClickHouse is not specifically supported, we do have a number of options:

  • ClickHouse has a feature where it can provide a Postgres
  • ClickHouse has a MySQL compatible interface.
  • ClickHouse has a JDBC compatible interface.

As these interfaces are very stable and performant, this massively widens the pool of tools that ClickHouse can be integrated with.

Next Lesson:

Business Intelligence Tools

In this lesson we will look at how business intelligence tools are commonly integrated with ClickHouse.

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