In this lesson we will:

  • Introduce the concept of source code linting;
  • Demonstrate how it can be implemented as part of your dbt workflow.

What Is Linting?

Code linting is providing automatic checks on the correctness of our code. By applying linting, we can improve quality earleir in the process by allowing developers or the continuous integration process to find errors.

It can include the following:

  • Compilation errors
  • Accuracy - Linting can capture
  • Code formatting
  • Style issues

Customising Linting

Most linting tools will suggest the rules which you wish to apply. However, it is common to modify these based on your teams own preferences and rules.

Some teams may choose to enforce very strict standards to maintain code accuracy and. Other teams might find this overbearing.


dbt linting is built around an open source tool called SQLFluff, a linter for SQL.

Next Lesson:

Materialisation Options and Considerations

In this lesosn we will describe the options and considerations when materialising models in dbt.

2h 45m

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