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Using Business Intelligence Tools With ClickHouse

Connecting Looker Studio With ClickHouse Cloud For Business Intelligence

Lesson #4

In this lesson we will:

  • Introduce Looker Studio;
  • Show how it can be connected to ClickHouse;
  • Link to a sample dashboard.

Introducing Looker Studio

The next business intelligence tool we are going to look at is Looker Studio.

Looker (as opposed to Looker Studio) has a reputation as one of the more heavyweight and enterprise class reporting tools.

Looker actually consists of two parts. The first is a semantic layer, where we can take underlying business data and mode it in the domain. The second part is the layer for visualsiating and reporting.

Google choose to make the second part, Looker Studio available for free.

A Looker Dashboard To Analyse Ontime Flight Data

In this dashboard we used Looker Studio to analyse the ClickHouse OnTime flight dataset.

Next Lesson:

Using PowerBI With ClickHouse Cloud

In this lesson we will learn about combining Looker Studio with ClickHouse Cloud.

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