Transform Your Aviation Business With Real Time Analytics & AI

Transform Your Aviation Business With Real Time Analytics & AI

Airlines face constant challenges such as a competitive market, shifting consumer preferences, volatile fuel prices, and the need to meet stringent safety and regulatory standards.

Competing against this backdrop demands continuous innovation by both established carriers and emerging players.

Advanced use of data and real-time analytics has a role to play in meeting this challenge, bringing the potential to grow revenues, improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Example use cases include:

Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

Real-time analytics enables airlines to adjust ticket prices dynamically based on various factors such as demand, competitor pricing, and historical data. This helps optimize revenue by maximizing ticket sales at the most profitable prices while responding to market changes in real time.

Predictive Maintenance

Airlines can use real-time analytics to monitor the health of aircraft components and systems in real time. By analyzing data from sensors and avionics, predictive maintenance models can predict potential failures, allowing airlines to schedule maintenance proactively, reduce unplanned downtime, and ensure aircraft safety.

Fuel Efficiency and Operational Optimization

Real-time analytics assists in crew management by optimizing crew schedules based on factors such as flight delays, crew availability, and regulatory compliance. This ensures efficient utilization of resources, minimizes disruptions, and enhances overall crew satisfaction.

Baggage Tracking and Handling

Real-time analytics helps airlines track and manage baggage more effectively. By employing RFID and other tracking technologies, airlines can monitor the movement of baggage in real time, reducing the likelihood of lost luggage and improving the overall passenger experience.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Real-time analytics enables airlines to monitor and analyze customer feedback, social media, and other channels to understand passenger sentiment and preferences. This information can be used to make real-time adjustments to services, address issues promptly, and personalize the customer experience.

Flight Operations Monitoring

Airlines can use real-time analytics to monitor and optimize various flight operations, including takeoff and landing times, airspace congestion, and route deviations. This helps in improving overall operational efficiency, reducing delays, and enhancing the reliability of flight schedules.

Safety and Compliance Monitoring

Real-time analytics aids in monitoring safety and regulatory compliance. By analyzing data from various sources, including flight data recorders and maintenance reports, airlines can quickly identify potential safety issues, ensure compliance with regulations, and take corrective actions in real time.

Supply Chain Management

Real-time analytics supports supply chain management by monitoring inventory levels, optimizing procurement processes, and managing the logistics of spare parts and equipment. This ensures that airlines have the necessary resources available when needed, minimizing disruptions in operations.

Security and Threat Detection

Real-time analytics can enhance security measures by analyzing data from security checkpoints, surveillance systems, and passenger screening processes. This helps in detecting and responding to potential security threats promptly, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew.

By leveraging real-time insights, businesses in the aviation industry can adapt quickly to changing conditions, deliver personalized experiences, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Technical Foundations

Unfortunately, traditional tools and approaches to data and analytics do not scale to deliver solutions like this.

There are too many delays in the process, and the systems often used are not performant enough to process high volumes of data with low latency. In addition, traditional business intelligence tools are not rich and flexible enough to meet the business demands.

This technology stack needs to be re-invented for the cloud, with tools and architectural patterns that are built for real-time advanced use cases and predictive analytics:


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Transform Your Aviation Business With Real Time Analytics & AI

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