Deploy An AI ChatBot In Your Business

Deploy An AI ChatBot In Your Business

Deploy An AI ChatBot That Enhances Your Customer Experience And Reduces Customer Support Cost

A ChatBot is a software tool designed to handle conversation with human users and customers. Typically, they are deployed in an externally facing capacity, for instance answering support queries or providing first line customer service.

They can range from simple, rule-based systems that respond to specific commands to more advanced AI driven bots that learn and adapt from interactions, capable of handling complex conversations and providing more personalised responses.

We can help businesses rapidly deploy AI based ChatBots that dramatically enhance the customer experience:

What We Will Do

This service includes:

  • Design - Identifying the key use cases and workflows
  • Security and Guardrails - Developing rules that keep the ChatBot secure and within defined bounds
  • Build and Deployment - Rapid development of the ChatBot
  • User Testing - Detailed evaluation testing prior to production deployments
  • Ongoing Run & Enhancement - Continuous monitoring and improvement of the ChatBot performance

Introducing Ensemble

We are Ensemble, and we help enterprise organisations build and run sophisticated data, analytics and AI systems that drive growth, increase efficiency, enhance their customer experience and reduce risks.

We have a particular focus on ClickHouse, the fastest open-source database in the market, which we believe is the fastest best data platform for systems like this.

Want to learn more? Visit our home page or download our free report that describes the process for implementing advanced analytics in your business.

Deploy An AI ChatBot In Your Business

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