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Quickly Deploy Advanced Analytics And Generative AI On AWS

Cloud Based Data and Analytics

The Fastest Route To An AI Enabled Business

Quantum is our AWS based data platform which allows you to rapidly deploy advanced real-time analytics and AI/ML enabled applications in your business.

It allows you to quickly deploy a high performance data warehouse and perform real time analytics over large and rapidly changing datasets - whilst being designed for best practices including performance, cost control and security.

It also incorporates our real-time user interface framework EnsembleJS, allowing you to quickly build line of business and customer facing applications with less effort and fast time to market.

An All In One Cloud Native Data Platform

Rapidly deploy a modern analytics and AI environment that incorporates the following:

Real Time Analytics

Deploy advanced streaming analytics that give a real-time view of your world and continually advise you of your next best action.

Real Time Interactive Applications

Deploy real-time interactive applications that empower your employees and delight your customers.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Incorporate data science and machine learning driven solutions that incorporate predictive and statistical analysis.

Analytics Environments

Give your data analysts and data scientists access to powerful analytics environments that allow them to analyse data and train machine learning models.

Large Language Models

Use large language models to process unstructured data, deploy chatbots and copilots, and intelligently automate business processes.

Best Practices

Designed for all best practices including performance, cost control and security.

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