ClickHouse Is The Spiritual Successor To KDB+

Benjamin Wootton

Benjamin Wootton

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ClickHouse Is The Spiritual Successor To KDB+

In a recent article we explained how ClickHouse is growing in adoption within capital markets businesses such as investment banks, hedge funds and trading technology vendors.

It's unique performance characteristics and scalability make it very well suited to the demands of this industry, who can easily capture terrabytes of data per day.

The Spiritual Successor To KDB+?

There is a popular database in the capital markets world called KDB+.

KDB+ is a time series, column oriented database. It has a language called Q.

In many ways, ClickHouse could be the spiritual successor to KDB+, which is a high performance time series and column oriented databases often used in capital markets. Though KDB+ and the associated language Q is very powerful, it is considered to be proprietary and expensive and hard to work with and staff.

ClickHouse on the other hand is open source technology. You can stand it up directly in your own data center for free, or use the managed ClickHouse Cloud which is paid for based on consumption. It is as performant as KDB+, and includes similiar features such as the ability to rapidly ingest and process streaming data.

In a ClickHouse environment, the data would be retrieved using simple industry standard SQL, and analysed using Python, taking full advantage of the open source ecosystem of libraries.

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